Public Defender of Rights

Do you believe that your fundamental rights and freedoms have been violated in conflict with laws or principles of a democratic and legal state in acting, decision-making, or inactivity of a public administration body?

If YES, you may use this form to file an inducement to the public defender of rights.

Notification for submitters of inducements:

  • the complaint shall clearly indicate a matter, to which it relates, a public administration body, against which it  is filed, and an action, execution of which the claimant requires,
  • an anonymous inducement need not be handled by the public defender of rights,
  • you may use your mother tongue in contacts with the public defender of rights,
  • in order to accelerate the review of your inducement, kindly submit any and all documents in copies, proving your statements
  • in order to handle your inducement in relation to the public defender of rights, you may authorise another person.
  • the public defender of rights operates also in regions of Slovakia; more information can be found at the office contact number

We will do our best to handle your inducement as soon as possible according to the sequence, in which it has been delivered to us.

The Act on Public Defender of Rights doesn’t specify any mandatory terms for settlement of complaint

Who is a Public Defender of Rights?
("Competence of Public Defender of Rights", "Powers of the Public Defender of Rights", "By Whom and How an Inducement May be Filed?", "Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Provided for in the Second Chapter of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic", "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers")


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Would you like to file an inducement?

I. Information about the Submitter of the Inducement

A. Natural person



B. Legal person (Name and surname of a statutory representative, attorney)

Company name
Address (seat)


NOTE: personal data are not obligatory part of contents of complaint, but complaint, in which the claimant fails to mention his name, surname and address (business name and registered office in the case of legal entity), is an anonymous complaint and the public defender of rights is not obliged to deal with it.

II. In Which Matter and Towards Whom the Inducement is Directed

The inducement is directed towards:
Other central state administration body
Municipality (municipal office)
Higher regional unit
District Office
Regional Office
Social Insurance Company
Health Insurance Company
Office of Labour and Social Affairs
Properties Register
Bodies of management and administration of courts
Other public administration body
which is in conflict with laws or principles of a democratic and legal state.


III. Brief Content of the Inducement:

IV. Annexes:

(please state names of documents attached to the inducement; in case of a bigger number, please state at least the number thereof – attach photocopies of documents).

VI. Consent with the Processing of Personal Data:

By the signing hereof, I grant my express consent to the Office of the Public Defender of Rights, pursuant to Act No. 428/2002 Coll., on Protection of Personal Data, with the processing of my personal data, including personal data of a special category, to the extent of any and all personal data stated in the inducement and Annexes attached.

This consent with the processing of my personal data will be valid for the period of the review of the inducement and subsequent archiving pursuant to the registry rules of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights.

with the disclosure, if any, of my case in media:

I agree
I disagree