If you need help, there are numerous free telephone helplines that you can call. They are suitable for children, youth, women experiencing violence, but also other adults who need help for themselves or for their relatives.

Child helpline UNICEF

116 111

The number 116 111 is specifically for children who seek assistance and need someone to talk to. The service helps children in need of care and protection and links them to the appropriate services and resources; it  provides children with an opportunity to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them.

Missing children UNICEF

116 000

The 116000 number is the European helpline to report missing children. The hotline offers guidance and support to parents or relatives of a  missing child and can back the efforts of the authorities during investigations.

Free non-stop helpline for women experiencing violence

0800 212 212

National helpline for women is confidential and safe place for a women who are in danger of violence or experience violence. Female advisors offer emergency help and all the information necessary. They try to help woman to minimalize the jeopardy she faces in the violent relationship. Information provided by the woman are absolutely confidential.

Free telephone line of Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family

0800 191 222

Free telephone line which serves for reporting abuse of social system and neglect of childcare. Complaints submitted by the citizens are usually concerned with state social support benefits, compensations for disabled, but also illegal employment mostly of the citizens registered with the offices of labour.

Non-stop helpline of the Center for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth

+421 915 405 954

The mission of the Center is to ensure the protection and realization of  available rights to Slovak children in the international area. Center tries to perceive each case comprehensively and to focus on the best interests of children.